******BEFORE YOU SHOP ********

  1. The agreement for terms of use for the non-exclusive instrumental(s) you download is on this page below entitled Rights/Limitations To The Lease Agreement is downloadable. Download it before you purchase.  
  2. The agreement does not come automatically after a purchase.  
  3. If you do not lease from Lee Mims Productions feel free to download so you may understand the rights and limitations to the leased music. 
  4. You will notice and INFO tab next to the instrumentals; that will explain the vibe or feeling of the product.
  5. The price that is next to the album is for producers/artists who want to lease in bulk, however BULK LEASING is ONE of TWO options.   Leasing an instrumental or instrumentals individually is the other option.
  6. If you decide to purchase an ALBUM instead of individual instrumentals, there is NO mixing and matching of instrumentals between albums.  An album is a single body of works for purchase.  It is an automated system and it is already packaged for immediate downloads.   
  7. I repeat there is NO mixing and matching (for an album purchase of instrumentals).
  8. The prices are firm.  There will be plenty of sales.  
  9. When you are shopping, enjoy and take your time.  There is quite a bit of diverse material.  Be sure to look through the different albums of music.  I did my best to label the instrumentals in a methodical way.   However I may have labeled an instrumental one way and you may find YOUR sound in another album labeled differently (i.e your pop sound could be in the urban/hip hop section).  
  10. Other than leasing a royalty free sampled instrumental if it says sampled it is on the purchaser to clear the song for commercial usage.
  11. FINALLY, have fun shopping, listening, writing, or filming.  It is the journey that makes the destination worth it.  Thank you for your patronage.  


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I am glad you took the time to stop by my business.  Music is my passion and I am more than happy to supply you with soulful instrumentals that are not cookie cutter.  These instrumentals are meant for those who love real instruments and maybe looking for an intuitive style of play (i.e  live instrumentation, and sounds unlike no other instrumentals you may have heard before).

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Come Jam With Me feat. an acapella of Mos Def This is a sample of what I have done. I took an acapella of Mos Def's song "Beef." I then played each instruments around him. Thank you for signing up. 43.3 MB
KRS1 Come Jam With Me This is a second experimental piece of music. I took KRS1's acapella and remixed it. Take a listen. These are live instruments. Thank you again. 31.3 MB